EOTMD? End-of-the-month-dinner.

Yes, it’s that time of the month (No, you pervs, I would not be THAT revealing on here).

The time of the month when you say, “Is it payday yet?”

C’mon… we did just buy a house and all. That said, this was our yummy breaknner (breakfast+dinner). Paula Dean would be oh-so proud.



It’s a party in HONDOOORAS

Hola world!

One week away and a bathing suit tan later, I am back in the states! My bestie Amy’s family has a house in Honduras and I had the opportunity to visit her for a week and explore the island of Roatan.

Cat, Amy and I have been besties since 1st grade (+ Ingie since 10th grade but she was unable to join us) so when we had the opportunity to spend time together I jumped at the chance!

While in Roatan, Amy certified me and Cat as PADI Open Water Divers. Amy is quite the baller and just received her PADI Instructor certification this spring. Oh, and she’s going to med school in the fall. Oh, and she graduated from UT Austin. Can you say HALLO?!

Before our trip, Cat and I did all the bookwork for scuba diving so we could wrap it up while we were there on vacation. It took us 2 days to complete everything (2 mornings of confined water dives + 1 open water dive + 3 dives in one day). WHEW! It was a lot of work but so fun! It was definitely worth it once we were able to put our skills to use.

Not only did we dive and do a night dive (WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE) but we also basked in the sun, laid in hammocks, floated in the pool, drove to the other side of the island for a Hole in the Wall restaurant experience (yes, that’s the name of the restaurant), watched crab races and fire dancers, etc. The list goes on but it was so chill.

We had quite a group as well – my mom, uncle, brother and his girlfriend (we bonded – it was glorious), Amy’s mom, brother and girlfriend.

One night, we did karaoke at the Blue Marlin in West End. Our set list included (in no particular order):

Elton John – Benny and the Jets feat. Ashley, Cat, Colleen
Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA (which I changed to HonDOOOrassssss) feat. Ashley and Erica
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise feat. Ashley and Cat
Beyonce – Single Ladies feat. Ashley, Cat, Amy, Erica, Amanda

Your mental picture is probably of a bunch of girls singing in Honduras is most likely correct but see above for reinforcement.

We all got back in once piece with 3 purchased hammocks later. It’s odd being on a clock again – we never knew what day it way.

Love to all!


Me and my dad. In a nutshell. He’s an amazing man. The greatest caretaker and loving father anyone could ask for. He took my brother and I in (after my biological father died when I was 6) and treated us as his own blood. As far as I am concerned, we are. He loves me unconditionally and we have a bond that cannot be explained in mere words. This picture captures it fairly well.

plumbing mis-adventure

Alright people. I know you’ve heard stories like this. But this is quite a comical one for the books.

So Nicolas (my hubster) and I bought a house back in April. The first time we hooked up our washer/dryer there was a leak. Therefore, every time we did laundry, we have to turn off the water when we were finished. This got quite obnoxious considering we are NOTORIOUS B.I.G. for leaving clothes in the washer until they SMELL and we have to RE-WASH them. I know. We’re terrible. We both hate laundry.

Back to the story – so yes, 2 months has passed and we still do not have a fully functioning w/d. We just “make do.”

Until Thursday night.

So Thursday had already been a stressful day. We’ve been stressed out lately in general about finances, getting things done around the house, etc. All the normal things. So I asked Nicolas if we could spend time together that night. He said yes and it was exactly what I needed.

So I thought.

While driving home from work I get a phone call from my dearly beloved, 5:47 pm.

Him: “Hey, so I started working on the washer/dryer. I cut the copper pipe…”

Me: “What happened?”

Him: “Just don’t turn on the water when you get home. I’m on my way to Lowe’s right now.”

This can’t be good. So I go to HEB, get a rotisserie chicken with a meal deal, go home, start pulling the chicken apart as my stomach screams for nourishment and my hands are sticky. No water. So I make due and wipe my hands on a towel even though they are still sticky.

At this point, I am reeling. I am chatting with my mom on the phone telling her “I’m hungry and why are we doing this now? I know he is doing this out of love and wants to get stuff done but the guy at Lowe’s 2 months ago said don’t do this on a week day because then you could go waterless, why can’t he wait until I leave for vacation on Monday? What happens if this doesn’t work? Why didn’t I just call a plumber 2 weeks ago? Why didn’t he listen to me the first time……. ETC.” You get the picture.

So when Nicolas comes home I’m a little upset but not showing it. What can I do now? Let’s make the best of it.

So we break out the blow torch. Yep – you read it right. The BLOW TORCH. Can’t we just make creme brulee? No. So, we coupling on the copper pipe and we are getting ready to solder.

DEFINITION: solder: low-melting alloy, esp. one based on lead and tin or – for higher temperatures – on brass or silver, used for joining less fusible metals.

Nicolas is the blow torch and pipe holder and I am the solder holder. We fire it up and start. All is well for now except the solder keeps splattering on him and we have to stop. It splattered on my too – but I just sucked it up. Hehe.

So that seems ok. Then we have to put the new soldered pipe on the old pipe. Sounds easy, right? No. We get it ready with the fire retardant cloth behind it so the whole house doesn’t catch on fire. And my smart hubby says – Wait, let’s get the fire extinguisher. Good thinkin’ but luckily never had to be used.

Blow torch is fired up and the soldering isn’t working. And then we smell something burning… Say what?! So we cease fire and the old PVC pipe is burned. HA! Of course! We didn’t put the fire retardant cloth over it.


So we have to cut the old PVC pipe and cut a new piece from some he already bought. That’s my sweetheart – always thinking ahead. Gotta love him. Put how do you cut the new PVC pipe? By using a tool that looks like a jump rope with handles on a much smaller scale and I am holding the PVC while he cuts it. QUITE a sight to be seen. I am in a dress, barefoot, holding a pipe leaning against a wall while Nicolas is sawing away at the pipe trying to get an even cut.

We cement the new PVC to the old one but the cement dries so fast it’s 2 in too long and we couldn’t push it down all the way. FAIL. So we cut 2 more inches off.

Back to soldering – its not working. The water inside the pipe is boiling. The stuff is theoretically supposed to be “sucked up” into the pipe and the piece that holds it on. No. Not even after 10 minutes. At one point, something hot got on Nicolas’ leg and he jumped back with TORCH IN HAND and it got pointed at my FACE. Scared the living you know what out of me. I jumped back and was so grateful I hadn’t melted.

A few more minutes of blow torching and we think we got it. So we go to test it and turn the water back on. Oh – and Nicolas doesn’t know which way the off thing is for the faucet so he said just turn it the opposite direction if it starts spewing water. I can do that – fo sho.

NOTE: I made him promise that we would never do electrical or plumbing work. He said “Let’s see how the first test goes…”

When the water comes on, the faucets don’t spew water (THANK GOODNESS). I do turn it the other way just to be sure and a little spew comes out. Kinda funny. Unfortunately, water is leaking ALL DOWN THE COPPER PIPING. UGGGGH. So I tell Nicolas that and he wants me to turn the water to see for himself. So I do so – same results.

Followed by an “Ok, I promise.” With a great big hug that always calms my heart and slows everything down. That’s my soulie.

It’s 10:15 pm. I have to work in the morning. I am sticky, dirty, tired, pissed, waterless. I text our dear friend Karen and ask if she’s awake. I call her and say “I will explain later but can we come shower at your place?” Karen: “Together or separate?” GOTTA LOVE HER! Separate – goose! So we pack our stuff, take showers, get 5 gallons of water from HEB so I can at least brush my teeth in the a.m. All the while thinking, this is what marriage is all about. Crazy mis-adventures.

Friday comes along and Nicolas is able to get a plumber out to the house. IT TAKES HIM AN HOUR!!!!! Bahahahahaha. Gotta love those guys. No wonder they make the big bucks. They’re fixing the commoners mistakes.

hello, blogsphere!

So here i am 4 days after a plumbing mis-adventure with my hubster. And I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be great to be able to document the story and keep up with all the newly-wed-ed-ness that occurs in our first year of marriage? then what about kids? getting old? (I already have gray hair so we can cross that off the list). Why not start a blog? Here we go!