Week 1: 5K Challenge

Now that it has almost been a year from our wedding, I no longer have the “wedding dress” motivation to make me lose weight or stay in shape. I need a goal. I need a motivation. I want to be healthy. I do NOT want to be the recently-married-twenty-something that gained 40 el bees (lbs) in her first 5 years of marriage.

No siree bobby. Not I.

So, I made this spreadsheet using the 5K training guide from RunTex. It basically breaks down the first 12 weeks of training for a 10K (I think a 10 K – website didn’t say). Regardless, I like to have pretty, colorful spreadsheets for some odd reason. I’ve always had an affinity for school supplies and the like (don’t ask) and spreadsheets somehow fall into that category.

I already did 20 min of my walk/jog routine on Monday. So Friday morning I am going to do the 30 min walk/jog and go from there. I also decided since this is fairly ambitious of me to be doing something like this and knowing that other people out there struggle to get into running or have no idea where/how/when to start, I thought it would be a good idea to write about my experiences. Perhaps with some mixed in recipes as my cook-self decides to make appearance.

So here goes nothin’. I am going to sign up for this 5K run. All’s well that ends well, I hope (fingers crossed).


Week 1 Table


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