My name is Ashley and this is my blog about anything and everything. Currently, I am on embarking on several unknowns – such as redoing furniture, in the second year of my marriage, and a new home owner (as of April 2011).

After a major plumbing misadventure (read about it here) I decided to document it. Thus, leading to the birth of this baby. I know there are PLENTY of blogs out there like this but my hope is so help those who don’t find the answers needed – even after extensive googling. Yep – that happened to me. I thought I could find what I needed on the internet for redoing pine furniture. Staining, painting, stripping – the WHOLE 9 yards. However, I had to take bits and pieces of info and kind of wing it. Two months later I finally finished. I have yet to post about it (pending pictures) but my hope is to help those out there, searching for answers in redoing pine furniture if you are ever so inclined.

Also, with the new obsession of Pinterest and Pinterest Challenges like YHL‘s, I hope to share what I do on here! Not to mention, I am currently in grad school for teaching so that is a whole other ball game that I will address once my teaching life begins. As for now, check out my first post and the inspiration behind all of this.


ARCopyright Edward Pierce Photography


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