Having a week to do things that I have been wanting to do is SO NICE. I seriously love working for Texas State – you get the holiday benefits of being a student. Hello Spring Break!

Anyways, not only have I been finishing up the drawers (I promise a post soon) and stenciling/painting our entry way, I also had a chance to do an Easter garland that I found on Pinterest! Thanks to Katie, Sherry, Cassie and Erin I had some motivation to actually do it for the Pinterest Challenge. Here’s my pintsperation. I got the string from Michaels for a whopping $0.99. Yep, that’s all this cost! Enjoy!


Four hands sale once again. Gaw I’m in love! Now all our games have a home:)

Those sconces gotta go but it’s progress. We used to have a three piece entertainment center but we moved it into one of the guest rooms. This blue console is one of my favorites from my four hands warehouse sale last year. It was in our bedroom but it fits perfectly in the living room now. Definitely an inspiration for the whole room. Now we just need to mount tv.

Sitting nook by the mantle.

God bless Ikea